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Who are PyLadies?

An international group of people trying to involve women in the Python programming community.


About 10-15% of programmers are women. That's very little. It's not that women are stupid or awkward or have no logical thinking. They are discouraged by other things; a lots of small details that create a not very friendly environment. PyLadies are trying to solve this problem, for example by creating an environment that is more enjoyable for new programmers.

PyLadies in Czechia

  • 2012 - there was a Django workshop (Python framework for web pages) during the Ruby on Rails (another programming language) conference.
  • 2013 - The first PyLadies course (for free) in Brno -- the first course that had own open-source materials
  • 2015 - this course also started in Prague
  • 2016 - PyLadies in Ostrava
  • 2018 - PyLadies in Pilsen, Hradec Kralove, and the first English (translated) version of the Czech course - the first open-source materials (at least as we know) by volunteers from CA Technologies.

What will you learn here?

  • Basic programming: variables, data types, conditions, loops, functions, exceptions, modules, ...
  • Skills connected with programming: command line, version control, collaboration, and open-source
  • Games: text games and also some graphic games

What shouldn't you expect?

  • an IT course
  • PyLadies do not require knowledge of advanced mathematics or graph theory. If you are interested in these topics, we recommend studying computer science instead of attending this course.
  • This is also not a course like Django Girls, RailsGirls, or Czechitas that are focused on creating web pages.
  • And finally, PyLadies are not the course - PyLadies are the ones preparing the course :)


  • We are here in our free time - volunteering
  • We will help you if you have a problem
  • We shouldn't touch your keyboard (so each time we try to do this, you should slap our fingers :) )
  • How to contact us: Marketa.Muzikova(at), Vsevolod.Khanin(at), Atul.Sharma(at), Charalampos.Polychronakis(at), Alexandru.Dumitru(at)
  • Join our Facebook group where you can ask us anything.

Red and Green post-its

During our lessons we will use red and green post-its. When we are doing an exercise and you finish it successfully -- stick the green paper on the right upper corner of your screen so everyone can see it. If however you encounter ANY problem, stick the red (pink, actually) post-it on your screen and someone will help you.

  • RED POST-IT: I have a problem, please help me!
  • GREEN POST-IT: I have successfully finished the exercise :)

We won't continue until everyone has a green post-it on their laptop's screen.

What to do after this course?

  • You will need to practice a lot so you don't forget everything
  • At this time, we can't promise anything, we want to do some workshops on advanced topics, but as I said -- we can't promise anything
  • You can also practice and learn some advanced stuff (e. g. algorithms, data structures) at Hackerrank
  • There are also a lot of games where you practice by "coding" a game (the beginnings are not really hard, they will give you a foundation) - e.g. Coding game, Code combat, Checkio, Cyber Dojo, Code Wars
  • Once a month there is Pyvo, some lightning talks are in English
  • You can go to PyWorking, but it's mostly in Czech
  • If you have a project in mind, you can go to Meetups (right side of the page) where surely someone speaks English
  • Or you can read some books - I recommend to follow Humble Bundle where they once offered a bundle with books, videos, and some software for Python development, or books about how to develop games with Python. Currently (25.9. - 9.10.2018) there is a bundle that includes the great book "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" for just €0.75, or you buy many more books about different programming languages including "Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming" for €12.74 (this one is on Amazon for €19.49).

And now, the coaches will introduce themselves. (Once they finish, it will be your turn, so think about what you want to say -- your name, why you want to learn python, ...?)

Toto je stránka lekce z kurzu, který probíhá nebo proběhl naživo s instruktorem.